Under the Sea


You have a great gift of getting to the heart of things quickly. Your intuition and analysis work beautifully together and, wow, the result from your coaching is amazing.

RW, Scotland

Thank you so much Bee. You skillfully guided me to identify and work through the blocks that were holding me back from success. My life has changed forever. If you are looking for a life coach I highly recommend Bee. She is a beautiful person, inside and out.

SB, North Wales

Thank you Bee for your well structured workshop and a beautiful exercise that I so much enjoyed doing. "I love myself, therefore...." was a perfect moment to be reminded of the beautiful things we could be loved for, and so much more. The cherry on the top was your personal sharing and the beautiful poem that said so much about you and allowed us to see that part of you too. Excellent workshop!

SD, Berkshire